How to create a weblog ?

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  • First, click on the start button on your desktop.
  • Open any browser which your pc/laptop support.
  • Write down the URL on address bar.
  • Create a google account after click on sign up button and if you have already a google account then click on sign in button.
  • When you sign in your account you get a form. Fill your all required information and must give your correct information and then click on create account.
  • When you create your google account then sign in on blogger account with google id or password.
  • When you get blogger page then read it carefully and click continue in blogger.
  • After that you get your blogger page. Click on new blog for create your own blogger ID.
  • Write the title of you blog and your blogger address. Which you want to create.
  • Now, after create your blog click on the start posting and create your first article.
  • Here you write your thing which want to share with peoples and with your friends.

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